Aggressive Prayer for Progresive Change


Aggressive Prayer for Progressive Change

The month of April there will be 30 days of prayer and fasting using the following foundational scriptures:

Isaiah 58:6-8, 2 Chronicles 7:14, Matthew 17:21, and Philippians 4:6

We set our heart to seek the Lord for the harvest of souls; to confess our sins; to stop the violence crisis; for a greater release of power; and for God's provision and economic breakthrough.

April 1-6 Praying for Salvation

April 7-12 Praying against Sin

April 13-18 Praying for Peace

April 19-24 Praying for Power

April 25-30 Praying for Prosperity

Prayer is nightly at 8pm except on Wednesday's; prayer will be held at 6pm in the main sanctuary. The prayer line is 661-673-8600 access code 218207#. Please make all effort to call in 5 to 10 minutes before prayer time.

Fast at least one day a week. Choose one of the following fasts:

Five different types of food fasts:

1. The regular fast is going without food and drinking only water or that which has no calories.

2. The liquid fast is going without solid food and drinking only light liquids (like fruit juices).

3. The partial fast, or Daniel fast, abstains from tasty foods and eats only vegetables or nuts, etc.

4. The absolute fast or Esther fast, abstains from food and water (Esth. 4:16). Exercise caution!

5. The denial fast will be from 6am - 6pm.

If there are health issues, use discretion and consult physician. If you are unable to fast for medical reasons, consider a non-food abstinence such as no entertainment (radio, tv, internet, etc.).



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